In Search of Excellence:

Our desire at Creation Tours is to demonstrate the unmistakable harmony between science and the Bible. Objective science provides a window into God’s infinite creative capacity, which draws students towards a deep appreciation for our unfathomable Universe and its awe-inspiring design. To reach this lofty goal, we partner with teachers who have a rare combination of a love for knowledge of God, scientific expertise and an ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity.

Ben LaCorte:

  • Ben received his MBA from Cornell University. After becomming a believer, Ben earned his MA in Biblical Literature from Shepherd’s Theological Seminary.
  • During Seminary, Ben developed a love for Philosophy and Theology. He soon started WordTrax.Com, a Christian Apologetics ministry to equip parents to riase up the next generation of strong Christian leaders.
  • In 2022, WordTrax, in partnership with TASC began leading tours through the very secular Science Museum system in the US while teaching the Biblical account of Creation.
  • Today, Ben directs Creation Tours.

Dan Reynolds, PhD:

  • “Doctor Dan” teaches chemistry, physical science, and creation science at Southeastern Free Will Baptist College.
  • He is currently the Chairman of TASC: Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (
  • Dr. Reynolds earned a BS in chemistry and a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Texas.
  • He has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years: 25 years as a chemist at GlaxoSmithKline.
  • Dan is married to his best friend Cassie. They have two adult children.

Paul Harry, PE:

  • Paul is a professional engineer with a BS in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. He is a mechanical engineer with BSA Lifestructures.

  • He and his wife Vicki have 3 children and 9 grandchildren.

  • Paul has an interest in the wonders of God’s creation and how the world works.  He has done research in creation science and theology extensively over the past 10 years.

  • He has enjoyed leading classes and discussion groups for about 7 years, for high school and college groups, and adults of all ages.

Chris Berg, PhD:

  • Chris earned his Ph.D. from Liberty University in Apologetics and Theology.
  • He also has an MA Degree in Christian Apologetics from Biola University.
  • Dr. Berg serves as Professor of Apologetics and Theology at Ecclesia College and as pastor of Spirit of Truth Church.
  • He has spoken on the topic of Creation and Evolution at conferences and universities throughout the world, including Poland; Taiwan; and Pakistan.
  • Chris He is also the author of The New Age Trojan Horse: What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Enneagram and Yoga.
  • Chris and his wife homeschool their two sons.

Dave Greear:

  • Dave spent most of his career in Christian ministry, having obtained both Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees.
  • His doctrinal dissertation deals with “A Presuppositional Apologetic Overview of Genesis 1:1-3:19” where he defends the Biblical creation account both theologically and scientifically.
  • He also has 22 years’ experience in college ministry on the campuses of Clemson, Marshall and West Virginia Universities, often using “creation apologetics” in his teaching.
  • Dave has always had a fascination with how perfectly, science aligns with the Genesis account of creation.

Stacy Dennis:

  • Stacy Dennis has a background in education and languages. 
  • Currently she and her husband homeschool their two young daughters and together they enjoy nature, art and music. 
  • Stacy also volunteers as an advisor to Creation Tours, helping them serve the homeschool community with excellence.
  • As tour guide and host, Stacy cheerfully leads our guests through the Museum from exhibit to exhibit, efficiently running the tour from initial greeting to final goodbyes.