Creation Tour Testimonials & Quotes

“Christians must be grounded in a thoroughly biblical vision for life and the world. In
particular, we must be clear, and we must train our children on what it means to be
made in the image of God, male and female.” –

John Stonestreet & Maria Baer

“This is such a blessing to know that biblical creationists are using the enemy’s turf to
present the truth of Scripture and real Science.” – Kenneth Johnson

“We go to Calvary Chapel and I oversee our homeschool group classes. We are
very interested in a Creation Tour for our middle and high schoolers. Just so blessed
that this is available to us, thank you Lord!” – Megan Looney

“We loved the Creation tour that we experienced at the Science Museum! As the next
generation goes out into the world, they will be faced with arguments that Evolution is
true. These tours are solidifying the fact that God is the creator of all things. Our kids will benefit as they share the Truth of God with others. Thank you for this ministry!” – Lori, Homeschool Mom

“As a parent raising children in our evolution saturated society, where reality is based on feelings, this guided tour was incredible. I want my kids to know that our Biblical worldview is based on historical and scientific facts. There are answers to our wonderings and God continues to reveal Himself and how He designed our earthly home.” – Emily Philip

“My kids shared things that had struck them as we walked out and on our way home in the car. I was personally encouraged by the loving heart of our Father towards us (as it came out multiple times through the tours as well as very specifically at the end), how you all presented with much clarity, confidence, and expertise, as well as the gentleness and humility with which I felt you spoke these truths into the hearts of our family. Thank you.” – Natalie