Creation Tours:

Creation Tours are Teacher-Led excursions through local science museums. Designed for students K-12th Grade and their parents, our ministry was developed jointly by WordTrax and the Triangle Association for the Science of Creation. Our objective is to equip young people to understand and appreciate the universe and all its wonders through a Christian worldview; and to inspire them to a lifetime of scientific curiosity, practiced according to the Word of God to the Glory of God. See our Three Goals below:

  • Robert Dick Wilson – Defender of the Faith

“God’s Word can stand the most thorough investigation. Do not shirk the difficult problems but seek to bring the facts to light, for God’s Word and God’s world will never contradict one another

Three Goals:

1) Instill a High View of Scripture:

  • Science has never disproven any part of the Bible. However, the Bible, which never changes, often disproves claims made by scientists, forcing them to revise their views later. It happens again and again.
  • Creation Tours reinforces the Truths that the student learns in Church and at home: That all Scripture is God breathed. If they want to know the truth, they must START with the Word of God.

2) Inspire an Interest in Science & Engineering:

  • Our Tours foster a logical and critical thinking approach to scientific claims. We teach our students not to accept incredible theories without thinking it through.
  • Creation Tours stimulate a desire to know how things work, setting the stage for a career in Science, Technology and Engineering.

3) Illustrate the Science of Creation:

  • We build an awareness of the scientific evidence supporting the literal Biblical account of Creation and refuting Evolution.
Heroes of the Cross Logo
Heroes of the Cross Logo

“The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator. I pray while I’m engaged in my work in the laboratory.

  • When 17th century scientist, Johannes Kepler was asked how he discovered the interplanetary motion of our solar system, he answered,

“I was merely thinking God’s thoughts after Him.

“That They Might Stay the Course”

At Creation Tours, we teach our students to think critically. This does’nt mean to be argumentative in the classroom. It DOES mean to inquire, to ask thoughtful questions, to be discerning. It is our goal that every student will learn to hold the findings of Science up against the Bible to see if they are true, like a doctor holds up an X-Ray against the light of day. We believe that young people should learn How to Think, not just what to think.  We teach them how to pick the Truth out from the just-so stories, so when they are grown, they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

  • Daniel Dennett, Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University, when asked if his goal is to indoctrinate new students:

“They will see me as just another liberal professor trying to cajole them out of some of their convictions, and they are dead right–that’s what I am, and that’s exactly what I am trying to do.”

In the Beginning, God…

All around us we see teenage despair, confusion because our society has lost its True North. Famous atheist, Richard Dawkins once said, “In the end, there’s no good, no evil, no purpose, no meaning, nothing but blind pitiless indifference. There’s just DNA and it doesn’t care.” 

But we know the Truth, that life has meaning, that we have value by virtue of the fact that we were wonderfully made, knitted together by a loving God who created each and every one of us for a special purpose

Heroes of the Cross Logo

“For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities–all things were created through him and for him.”  Colossians 1:16