Ben LaCorte is the President and Founder of Heroes of the Cross.

My wife and I moved date-night up a few days this week. We went to see The Insanity of God limited release movie last evening. I posted earlier that the first time I tried to get in to see this movie it was sold out, and I was glad.

This time I got in, and am now even more glad. The storyline is based on the book, The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken. Nik and his wife, Ruth narrate the film, which is about their family’s missionary ministry covering three decades and at least as many continents. As the story unfolds, we’re immersed with Nik and his family in situations that the word “dangerous” doesn’t begin to describe. Yet they rely on their Lord for direction, protection and motivation.

The family intentionally moves closest to the suffering, sensing this is where God wants them. Living on the edge, they can easily see the cliff below. There’s no guardrail, but the treacherous curves must be negotiated to reach the other side. Will they turn around? You might think that our Lord keeps them from skidding out of their control. But that’s because, like I did, you’re forgetting the insanity of God.

Stop by next time, as we venture together through the rest of the story.

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