Is the Church on the Run?

Hard to imagine. The worst fears of the evangelical community came to fruition in the last election. It seems the world is winning and a godless culture has us on the run. The country voted and the church lost. It seems we can no longer count on our government to save us. Or, are we coming to the shocking reality that it never could.

How Are We to Respond?

So, what do we do? We pray that we can continue to worship as we please. We hope that those who govern, do so with godly intent. That they allow us to live according to our Christian principles in peace. However, let’s remember…

Even if they don’t, we’re still the church.

Re-Set … Re-Center, and Relax

We developed Word on the Street to bring us back to the reality upon which we were founded. Let’s face it. We’ve strayed. It was hard not to stray. Born into an environment of wealth and position compared to much of the world, we bought into the American Dream. We’re the church, and as such, our cornerstone is not the Constitution. It’s Christ! 

Therefore, our goal is to help re-center the church on solid doctrine, a realignment with right theology. In short, we desire to bring the church back to a true knowledge of God. Our hope comes, not from principalities or presidents, but from our certain and unflinching knowledge that nothing can prevail against His church. The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing, but in everything, acknowledge Him and He will make straight our paths. To have peace today, to have peace any day, is to imbibe this truth down to our marrow.  

No Stained-Glass Words

Word on the Street is where pulpit meets pavement. It is for the ordinary everyday believer who desires a deeper understanding of God’s Word, His divine purposes and how He wants to use each and every one of us in the fulfillment of those purposes. We will not use many technical definitions or stained-glass words. You will never have to think, “It’s all Greek to me.” We want you to come away from each of our videos with a better understanding of your biblical role in these times.

Word on the Street is the bridge between what the average church is preaching from the pulpit, and what the average Christian is struggling with in the pew. Our new series will confront current issues head on. It will shed light on how we’re to respond to societal changes, and because there is nothing new under the sun, how the early church handled similar pressures under a different name.

Many Christians in America today are worried about threats to our religious freedoms, threats that seem to be knocking at our door. Our topics will give new hope to the church by reminding her of the source of her certainty. In 2 Timothy 1:7, we’re encouraged in this way, “For God has given us a spirit not of fear but of power.” 

Not of Fear. Of Power… But power for what? 

Our role as Christians is not to win a culture war. If we try, fear will undoubtedly overtake us. Rather, our role as soldiers in the army of God is far more noble. The apostle Paul gives us a clue in 2 Timothy, “I have fought the good fight … and there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness.” His medal of honor was not to be gained in this world where it would eventually tarnish, but in the next, where it would last forever. As believers, we must realize that we could win the culture war, and still be considered by our Savior to be lukewarm. 

Take Heart

By following Word on the Street, we hope you will come to understand the true character of God better. Confusion will melt away. You will know how to interpret the times in which we find ourselves.  

Here are some of the topics we will address in our new series:

  1. Word on the Street Introduction: Bringing Theology Down to Earth.
  2. The Hiddenness of God: Why doesn’t God make himself plain to everyone?
  3. What does the Bible say about Critical Race Theory?
  4. What do you say to your college student if they reject the faith you raised them in?
  5. Left vs. Right. Is that the real issue?
  6. Who was Jonathan Edwards… and why does it matter to me now?
  7. Why did God create people he knew would reject him?
  8. How to understand the Trinity. Three in One or One in Three?
  9. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: The Christian and diversity training?
  10. Are we still a Christian nation?
  11. How to make America (really) great again.
  12. Developing an eternal perspective.
  13. Back to the theater: how should Christians pick their next movie?
  14. Understanding the times … and responding biblically.
  15. How to pray God’s promises back to Him.
  16. If it’s our human nature to sin, how can we be held accountable?
  17. If Christ couldn’t sin, how could He be tempted?
  18. Who was John Calvin… and why does it matter to me now?
  19. If Jesus was God, why didn’t He know certain things?
  20. Redeeming your sorrow and grieving biblically.
  21. To pursue “The American Dream.” Or not.
  22. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  23. Are Mormons Christian?
  24.  “Who do you say that I am?” Jesus, according to Life Magazine.
  25. For the believer, is suffering an accident or an appointment?
  26. The biblical role of the Christian in politics.
  27. Who was William Tyndale … and why does it matter to me now?
  28. Should Christians support racial reparations?
  29. A southerner, and a Baptist, but not a Southern Baptist.
  30. What is predestination, and how is it biblical?
  31. Sleeping with the enemy … or how to thrive in a mismatched marriage?
  32. Can a believer lose their salvation?
  33. Is faith without works dead? Understanding James 2.
  34. Evolution: another theory murdered by a brutal gang of facts.
  35. What about the people who never heard the Gospel?
  36. Why did God command the slaughter of men, women & children in the OT?
  37. Should we adjust our Bible to the age – or our age to the Bible?
  38. You’re a devoted Christian, but what do you do with pesky doubts?
  39. How to immunize your loved ones against Skepticitis?
  40. Liberalism and Christianity. Can they coexist?
  41. Should the world fear global warming?
  42. Don’t own the Truth. Be owned by it?
  43. You’ve been wronged! Substituting anger with forgiveness.
  44. Men: what does it mean to love your wives as Christ loved the church?
  45. Women: what does it mean to submit to your husbands?
  46. How to withhold from Caesar that which belongs to God?
  47. What do you say to a Muslim?
  48. The sacred-secular split: what is it and how has it infiltrated my Christian home?
  49. When is civil disobedience biblical?
  50. How does God define Social Justice?
  51. Can Christians support abortion?
  52. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: What do you say to your LGBTQ family member?
  53. How a Christian can become a functional Atheist in five easy steps.
  54. Ecclesiastes 7:10 “Do not say that the former days were better than these.”
  55. Are you wearing Red, White & Blue, or just White? Revelation 19
  56. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: Were men and women created equal or opposite?
  57. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: Should Christians be tolerant?
  58. Reclaiming the Rainbow series: What is God’s view of homosexuality?

To guide our culture rightly means we have to start out with a working knowledge of God’s purposes in today’s era. By His grace, Word on the Street will give us such knowledge through written articles, interviews with ordinary everyday believers, and street level video messages. The series will show the bride of Christ, that is you and me, how to think biblically and live godly, how to have peace, confidence, and joy, blessed to be actors in a story the end of which has already been written. Join us on Facebook and Instagram at WordTrax Apologetics.

I hope to see you soon.

Ben LaCorte